The Travel Alliance

consolidating the luxury travel industry

In 2020 a group of investors founded the the travel project ag to consolidate the luxury travel industry. Next to the consolidation goal, the initiators also focus on digitalization and growing purchasing power to big suppliers in the travel industry. In 2024, the company has been renamed to the travel alliance ag to emphasize its maturity and dedicated focus on a multi-brand strategy.

Surviving and Thriving

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Surviving and Thriving: Confronting Challenges in the Evolving Travel Agency and Tour Operator Industry.
The travel agency and tour operator industry is undergoing a massive upheaval and is under strong pressure. In addition to very strong and large digital platforms, the hotel providers themselves are also competing for end customers. Especially for small and medium-sized travel agencies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assert themselves in this very competitive market and to generate positive results.

Our Vision

Elevating luxury travel - redefining the luxury travel experience by offering unique and bespoke journeys.

Our Mission

Offering tailor-made, exceptional travel experiences with a focus on personalization and innovation, setting new standards in the luxury travel industry.

about us


We are a team of highly motivated professionals, driven by our passion for the travel industry and with the knowledge of surviving and winning in fast changing and disrupted industries. We love the challenge of changing industries forever.

why us

WE DEVELOP YOUR customer base!

We believe in people and personal relationships. Therefore, we are focusing on longterm partnerships with you and your customers. Trust is one of the most important values in the travel industry - we want to be the gold-standard for exclusive experiences.


investment and passion

We are, as every investor, return driven but we never forget the people behind the companies and the relationships. We help transforming your company into a successful thriving entity with a bright future.

whats in for you

money, reputation, happy customers

We are driven by the idea of building win-win-win situations for you, your customers, and also us as investors. We guarantee economic stability for your future as well as great service for your customers.


We invite you to share comprehensive insights about your company as you possess the most in-depth understanding of its operations. Following our initial conversation, we will engage in deliberations regarding your company's potential, strategize growth initiatives, and subsequently provide you with an initial evaluation of your business along with the optimal course of action.


Analysis & Due Diligence
As part of the Due Diligence we will conduct an extensive examination of your financial data and operational infrastructure, delving into the intricacies of your business. Armed with a heightened comprehension of your company, we will evaluate its compatibility with our portfolio, and if deemed appropriate, proceed with a compelling acquisition proposal.


Closing & Integration
As part of a formalized transaction, we will align with you on all necessary legal documents and its proper execution. Promptly thereafter, you can anticipate the funds to be transferred to your designated bank account on the subsequent business day. With a streamlined process spanning just a few weeks, you will swiftly join forces with us to propel your company to new heights or embark on your next entrepreneurial venture with expeditious ease!

Who we are

we believe in service, technology and know-how

We are a team of highly experienced tech investors, tech experts, and travel enthusiasts. With our extensive expertise and passion for innovative technologies, we identify promising investment opportunities in the travel industry. By combining our unique blend of knowledge and a profound understanding of the travel market, we are well-positioned to support transformative business models and unleash the potential of disruptive technologies in the travel industry.

Next to our investments in travel agencies and tour operators, we have acquired a tech company, focusing on travel-tech and CRM-solutions. Additionally, we have founded a service company servicing our portfolio companies.

Katharina Böckle
CEO and Chairwoman of the travel alliance ag, Investor

Sarah Meschede
Managing Director of JD.L Luxusreisen GmbH, Travel Industry Specialist

Stefan Natter
CEO of travel tech GmbH, Travel Tech Specialist

Norbert Pokorny
Managing Director of Art of Travel GmbH, Travel Industry Specialist

Dr. Herbert Weininger
Member of the Board of Directors, Investor

where we are

Liechtenstein born, global growth

We have founded the company in Ruggell, Liechtenstein, in the heart of Europe. Liechtenstein is part of the European economic era and the customs union with Switzerland. Liechtenstein is a very entrepreneurial friendly and stable country (AAA rating).

our group companies

Art of Travel

Art of Travel GmbH, renowned for its expertise in crafting bespoke high-end journeys, stands as a prominent player in the luxury travel sector and is based in Munich, Germany. Specializing in the meticulous design of exclusive round and long-distance trips, the company has established itself as a distinguished name in curating unparalleled travel experiences.


journey (JD.L Luxusreisen GmbH) is a Cologne based travel agency and tour operator with approx. 25 employees. The young team is highly motivated, very skilled, and open for transformation. journey was our first investment and we love the development ever since. It shows that our concept works! Sarah Meschede, Managing Director: "We believe in synergies and we see that we can achieve more with a partner like the travel alliance ag than we could ever achieve alone. We are very happy with the investment of the travel alliance ag."

travel tech

travel tech GmbH was founded in 2021 and was integrated into the group ag in 2022. travel tech Gmbh is located in Dornbirn, Austria and the team is focusing on white label app development and backend services. Next to that the team is also integrating bed banks and other services to help the travel agencies and tour operators to be more productive and efficient to better focus on their customers' needs.

Feel good

feel good GmbH, a digital concierge service based in Liechtenstein, is a standout player in the luxury service sector. Specializing in tailored digital assistance, the company is known for its commitment to creating unique and personalized experiences. With meticulous attention to detail, feel good GmbH has become a go-to choice for those seeking a refined and individualized approach to their lifestyle needs.

Let's go on a journey with us! We are ready!

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If you are a travel agency owner or travel operator thinking about selling your business - contact us! We will get back to you shortly!

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